Wednesday, August 13, 2008


What a day.

The countdown to Monday officially started for us yesterday after seeing Dr. Mascarenhas and then bumping into Dr. Stein on the way out of the hospital. We are feeling very positive and optimistic. We are aware of the path we will be walking for the next few weeks and we feel ready. Ready physically. Ready emotionally. Ready spiritually. We are ready for those nasty tumors to leave our beautiful boy's body!

This morning after a nice long night's sleep, Pablo woke up happy, as usual, and wishing "Good Morning" to Chili, Beans and me. He reminded me that one of his beloved teachers, Laryl, from The Walther School,was coming over this morning to do ice sculptures with him. Pablo talks a big talk before his visitors arrive, but when they get here, he becomes incredibly shy and hides behind corners and in my tummy. Once Laryl arrived, he warmed up, but stayed quietly on task creating these beautiful sculptures.

Jeff and I headed out on our journey to the healing circle at The Awareness Center. This was our second circle, the first one took place before Pablo's biopsy, which yielded a DEAD tumor. We knew that we would be surrounded by powerful healing energy and love for Pablo, but we did not know HOW powerful this circle would BE. WOW, seriously... WOW!

I close my eyes and envision that amazing circle of love and healing: Wahe Guru, Maika, Sera, Mary Kay, Glenn, Sharla, Julianna, Dan, Carrie, Adam, Kat, Rory, Dani, Thais, Tracy, Gloria, Helen, Dorrie, Emilline, Atma Kaur, Stacy, Alex, Bumper, Marcia, Ben, Matt, Mary, Laryl, Carolyn, Eva, Jennifer, Jeanney, Sandra, Sarah. Everyone's intention is so clear. We are so powerful and so capable of accomplishing all of our intentions. I will state my intention again here: My intention is for the complete and total healing of Pablo, and for Pablo to live a long, healthy life in a warm and loving family and home. Along with my intention I release anger and fear. As Wahe Guru said, Pablo is screaming, "Wake Up" and with the miracle we have created, he will be screaming that for a long time to come.

As I close my eyes and see you all, I am overwhelmed by the love, support and dedication to Pablo's healing, and I am fully aware that we are just a fraction of Pablo's team. I am so grateful for this opportunity to witness such love. To each one of you, I send my heartfelt appreciation.

When we returned home, Polly and Pablo had gone for some delicious ice cream. Pablo explained that the ice cream parlor had regular vanilla ice cream and bright vanilla ice cream. He asked Polly, "What was the name, again, of the bright vanilla ice cream?" Polly answered that it is called French Vanilla, and Pablo said, "That's right. French Vanilla for the French people." That boy!

Also, while we were gone we had a small cement pad poured next to our driveway... and guess who got to push his hand print in the wet cement?

With that I will say good night. I will acknowledge that I miss Grady tremendously when he is away from us. And, again, I will say that my heart if filled with warmth and love from the masses.

Jo Ann


Anonymous said...

Today was one of the most powerful days I too have witnessed. That many people in one room with so much strength and love to give and the two of you in the center surrounded by such great energy, such light. ..such clarity. I feel honored to have been there. Pablo has inspired many. But now it is time for him to heal. He will be strong. He is loved. He will heal. At one point I had visions of Pablo giggling and dancing around on the beach trying to catch all of our thoughts in the air like little soap bubbles. It was a near "out of body experience". Crazy. Could have been because my ass was getting numb and I couldn't feel my fingers....but I'll take it either way.
Much love...

Anonymous said...

Last night or early morning, unable to sleep I thought of Pablo. I had this vision of him, ramrod straight posture, rise from a chair. He was at least in his 60's, and he was a grandfather. I did not seek this out--it came to me.