Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No More Gifts (An Embarrassment Of Riches)

We love you all. You know that. We love you so much we know you'll understand that we have an embarrassment of riches in the realm of gifts for Pablo.

We have so so so many wonderful gifts that've been sent from all corners of the earth that we literally have no more room in our house!

We know that sending a gift–something–feels like a great way to let Pablo know you / your family are wishing him the best. He does, and we do, for reals.

If that urge hits you, please feel FREE to send cards or emails (Pablo loves getting e/mail), or make a contribution to the Pablove Foundation or another charity.

On the topic of toys and play.... While Pablo is in the hospital for two weeks, we are having his play room reconstructed. It's our gift to Pablo, and a way to honor the fact that he probably won't be starting kindergarten until a bit later this fall, after chemo is done. It will also be his classroom until he joins his classmates at Pasadena Waldorf School. He will be home-schooled until Dr Mascarenhas gives us the green light for school.

When Pablo returns home from CHLA, his play room will actually be a comfy, soft place for him to play–a step up from the spare bedroom crammed with toys and a hardwood floor.

We'll send pics of him playing there when it's done.

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