Friday, August 22, 2008

Good Night=Goodnight

We are having a good night. Pablo is feeling great. He's smiling and laughing and holding court with his stories and his magnetic playfulness. Things are winding down here in room 439. Jo Ann, Grady, Harry and Patricia have vacated the 4 West wing of CHLA. Jo Ann didn't sleep a wink last night, so she's gonna sleep in...sort of. She's gonna be back here at 8 a.m. so I can go for a bike ride with our friend Joe Scully. Polly is leaving to go meet up with a friend. She's looking forward to it after a week of going home tired as hell and plopping into her bed.

So, as I type this, this hectic room has whittled down to me and P. I'm looking forward to spending a nice night with him. I'm looking forward to whatever conversation we might get into, whatever jokes we might share, and, of course, taking a walk and brushing his teeth. Polly's just pulled up 'Wallace and Gromit' on the iMac. Damn, that computer has good rez.

If Pablo farts tonight I'll feel like we got upgraded to first class. If not, I'll fall asleep in coach and be grateful all the same.

The emails and comments and calls we've gotten today shouting love and support our way have REALLY made a difference. We are smiling tonight, looking forward to a good weekend.

From all of us to all of you: have a great night. We'll talk tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

The 6 of us collected all of our angels and asked that they are camp out around Pablo's bed, your "coach" with Grady ,and Jo Ann's weary place of rest tonight. They are there for as long as you need them and each one carries all of our love and prayers. Sleep well for tomorrow is a new day of hope and healing. xo S

Unknown said...

Pablo's cup is still half full Mr Castelaz. BELIEVE! Sending BIG LOVE from across the pond. Ax

Anonymous said...

Even tho I have never officially met you (I know you through Tami) I feel so close your family. Thank you so much for sharing your honest feelings and taking us on this journey with you. I have cried and jumped up and down with joy reading your posts. I am glad that you are getting a "breather" weekend. I believe that you are heading for only bigger and better things/news for Pablo. I am sending love and prayers.
-Annette (& Tami too)