Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pablo Is OK...Farts Are Medicine Too

Sorry to leave you hanging. We went to CHLA, got a blood and urine test, and Dr. Mascarenhas checked him over. Within 10 seconds, he determined the cause of Pablo's pain. And don't laugh when I say this. The pain is caused from gas. The antidote to the pain doesn't come from the pharmacist. All Pablo has to do to get relief is to cut some sweet, noxious farts.

I could elaborate on how much fun he has 'taking rips,' but I have to run.

Thank you all for your loving emails and calls. Pablo got a special vote of support this morning. Darker My Love dedicated their single 'Two Ways Out' to him during their live performance on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic. Amazing.

Jo Ann and I are taking Grady and his buddy Jasper to the Troubadour tonight to see Eulogies and Darker My Love. All ages show with our 14-year-old son. Wow. I still get nervous pulling out my ID at clubs. I still feel (and act) like a kid. And, tonight, we are taking Grady into the belly of the beast.... Hahahahahaaaa!!!

We're ready for an event-free night. Hope you have the same.


JT Griffith said...

Maybe hit Taco Bell first? :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

My friend Ed's four-year-old granddaughter Tati has Diabetes, which apparently causes her to have gas.

Ed bought her a "Fart Machine" and she has very much enjoyed deploying it to fool, amaze, and amuse everyone from her father and mother and (yes) grandfather to even her father's co-workers (he took it into the office one day!).

Here is the advertising copy on their Web site: "Embarrass your boss, friends, and family! Press the remote button and set off one of 15 different fart sounds from up to 100 feet away! This is the greatest gag gift ever made - just hide the 3" battery powered speaker on or near the vicinity of someone, press the remote button that is small enough to keep in your pocket, and watch the embarrassment begin! Spread the fun and laughter! Fart Machines make great gifts. Everyone loves them!"

In any case, with your permission, I would like to send Pablo a brand new "Fart Machine." If it's ok, please let me know how to do so. If not, I certainly understand.

And I am so grateful for your daily updates. God bless you all.

Joe Hartnett