Saturday, August 30, 2008

Join Jennifer Beals

Dear Friends,

Our friend, Jennifer, has decided to take on an Olympic Distance Triathlon this Monday! She sent out a beautiful email explaining that the suffering of such a thing would be unbearable if it were done only for herself, so she decided to make it have a larger meaning. She has decided to raise money for 3 different charities in honor of the "tri" nature of the event. She has dedicated the running portion of this event to Pablo's healing and treatment and chose Childrens Hospital Los Angeles as one of the charities. Please click on the following link to read her story and help her reach her goal!

I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago and for obvious reasons, simply forgot. Remembering today and scrambling to find the date of the event in hopes that it hadn't past reminds me to stop and breathe. Thinking of Jennifer's run and her dedication of every step to Pablo's good health will be an excellent way to end this long weekend.

Here's the link:

Jo Ann

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Anonymous said...

JoAnn, Jeff,
We are with you in putting the pure intention for good histology out there...We will keep this in sight until we hear...
We are so glad Pablo is bouncing back...
Our positive thoughts and prayers are with you.
Much love,
Mari and Ash