Monday, August 18, 2008

Pablo Is In Surgery

This is a loopy, sleepy P reaching out for one last hug from Mommy. The doorway you see in the background is the oft-mentioned DO NOT CROSS line.

We parted ways with him about 45 minutes ago. Dr Mascarenhas just popped in on Pablo and came down to tell us he's asleep and looking good but that the surgery had not started yet. The procedure is meant to take four to five hours. I will keep you updated as we learn more.


Paige said...

Sending you all every ounce of love and intention we can muster for a smooth ride through today's choppy waters. I am checking in through out the day (as I know so many others are) and confident that Pablo will sail right through.

Dawn: said...

Sending all my love and prayers today.

Anonymous said...

Go Pablo! We're with you, dude.

Scott and Cathy

Anonymous said...

Love and ligh, love and light, love and light...we are with you.