Tuesday, August 12, 2008

CT Scans+Surgery Prep+Sea Wolfs

Jo Ann and Helen baked cookies all day yesterday. All kinds of them. Today, Jo Ann and Pablo delivered a basket to each of Pablo's nurses, doctors, surgeons, and all the technicians in the Oncology Clinic at CHLA. Several hundred thousand calories of love delivered to our cancer family. A small, delicious gesture for making our little boy feel welcome and loved.

You know, as I write this, I am having this feeling–once again–that this is all so strange. Some part of me is wondering 'Is this really happening, or are we in New Hampshire, as we had planned to be this week, watching the Olympics with Peter, Brie and baby Lennon?'

OK, I am back to reality. Wow. I know this is happening. And I am glad it is. We are so deep into it, I can't imagine what our lives would be like without a bald Pablo, or without asking our friends to donate blood for Pablo's transfusions. Or, what it would be like to go an hour without someone lovingly asking (instead of rhetorically asking) 'How's it going?' I have a feeling this chapter in our lives is going to fuel the rest of our lives for many years to come. And that we won't even know how good it is until the chapter has been closed for a long, long time.

Dr M gave Pablo an all-clear rating today. We are ready to go for the first of two surgeries on Monday (the other surgery is the following Monday, August 25). To prep for that, we have a CT scan early Friday morning, and a consultation with Dr. Stein. Then, we can party all weekend–which, for us, means maybe we can watch another 12 minutes of 'Batman Begins' before falling out as opposed to involuntarily crashing after four minutes and 28 seconds.

Speaking of the all-weekend party time activities: after the CHLA prep work on Friday, we are heading over to Paramount Studios to see Sea Wolf play an acoustic set. Carrie and Miles are coming with us. Can you imagine how off the hook that's going to be? We'll upload pictures and video if I can get that together.

Don't forget Carrie has arranged another meditation / healing circle in honor of Pablo's surgeries–it's tomorrow afternoon from 1 to 3 p.m.

The Awareness Center

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