Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Monday, Another Surgery

Another Monday, and other surgery. Pablo went down the calm, quiet hallway in the surgery department. Another series of moments that we now know well. We kissed him goodbye at the red and white striped DO NOT CROSS line. He knew what was ahead, we knew what was ahead. By turns, he was more calm than ever and a touch scared. He didn't say it. We could see it.

He has some of the most talented surgeons in America working on him. Some of these guys wiped their schedules for this morning in order to work on our boy. Drs Hardy and Stein, Dr Koh, Dr Austin.

Doing surgery when you're in-patient is so much easier than coming from the outside. The upside of coming in from home is P gets to sleep in his own bed. The cool thing about surgery as an inside job is that they get all the administrative stuff and vitals stuff completed right here in our room. Today, all we had to do was wait for transport to wheel their giant bed in here. P woke up a few minutes prior. It was simple. We played with him before the bed came to take him to pre-op. He laughed. God, he is so damn cute! So damn precious!

When he stood up and walked his four steps between stationary hospital bed and mobile transport bed, I noticed how thin he looked from behind. His knees are getting HUGE, but 100-plus days of taking it easy has left his thighs and calves in standby mode. His knees look like they belong to someone else. For now.

We'll whip this chicken legs into shape when we get back to the world.

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