Thursday, August 28, 2008

Life By Flashlight

Polly and Pablo had a great night together in the hotelspital room, as evidenced by this pic from Polly's phone. Now, if we can just get the surgeons to affix that Play-Doh nose the next time they put him under.....

Good night everyone! We read four books by flashlight. Pablo kept making it turn on and off with his special powers. And he showed me the various ways a flashlight can be held. We had fun shining the light on all the objects in the room, and then on the books. Life could be–could be–nicer if we all used flashlights to light up our lives. ...And if we all lived in forts....

OK, guess who needs sleeeeeep?

PS: Just as we were about to hit the rack, the nurses came by and snagged Papa's bed! No joke! A new patient was on his way up and needed–much more important than big ol' me sawin' logs in it tonight.

Now I am on Pablo's big blue chair, in its 180 degree 'flat' mode. This thing is surprisingly comfortable.

OK, I gotta go an tuck P in again. I hear him playing away over there.


Pablo and Papa
Roomies, 4 West