Saturday, August 9, 2008


Dear Friends,

Our wonderful friend, Carrie, has done it again!!! After the amazing success of the healing circle that took place before Pablo's biopsy and the wonderful news that the tumor was DEAD, Carrie has found the time and energy to organize another one before Pablo's upcoming surgeries. Below is her letter. Everyone is welcome. One thing I want to mention is that both Carrie and I were flooded with emails after the first circle from many of the beautiful participants expressing the healing they also received for THEMSELVES from this mighty experience. And, obviously, as a group, we accomplished a great deal in a small, yet powerful amount of time. We look forward to sharing this again with some of you and for the first time with more of you.

Jo Ann

From Carrie:

Hello Everyone,

At the request of Jo Ann another Healing Circle has been organized at this crucial time in Pablo's life.

If you were at the first circle, Thank you! You know how powerful and truly amazing that experience was. But, did you realize what WE created there? When the doctors went into Pablo's kidney, the big tumor was "Dead." That was US!--With the help and guidance of Wahe Guru Kaur.

Well, this time there will not only be one incredibly wise and powerful healer guiding us...but two! Atma Kaur, who is an another incredible woman with her own amazing story, will be working with Wahe Guru, and the rest of us in this next circle. And let me just say, with our clear intentions there is no stopping us from creating A TRUE MIRACLE.

I, myself can not wait to be part of this circle and in the presence of these two women, at the same time.

This time, there will be a Donation Box for The Awareness Center. The Awareness Center is really a very special place. Can you think of another place that would freely give their space, their time, their energy, and their love for someone they don't even know? This place sets a great example of how we humans should treat each other. And Wahe Guru, the owner, has been so very generous with her time, her space, and her energy for Pablo. Hopefully we can all be as generous.

There are only a few more days before his surgery on the 18 of August.

The NEXT CIRCLE will be held on:
August 13 (Wednesday)
at The Awareness Center
2801 E. Foothill Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91107
(626) 796-1567

Take a long lunch, cancel your appointment, book your babysitter!
Please, do whatever it takes to be there...

To be there for Pablo.


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