Saturday, May 16, 2009

Staring Contest

Shepard and Amanda Fairey's art gallery Subliminal Projects had an opening today. In addition to showing paintings, they had a staring contest - titled HA. The contest excited the Dangerbird crew so much that there was a team bearing our name. The staring contest was a benefit for the Pablove Foundation. The whole place was packed with people wearing HA tee shirts. And the paintings all had insane looking rainbows in them. Pablo was way into it.

We went by to say hello to Hrishi, Rory, Scott and the Studio No 1 crew - Shepard, Amanda and Joycie - and got the 'let's go' request from Pablo after about 15 minutes. It was great to see everyone.

Right now we're picking up Grady at Jimmy's house. While we wait for G to return from the skate park, Jo Ann's picking lemons from the trees in the front yard. From here, we're headed to Dave Cooley's house - he and his girlfriend Candace are having a BBQ. We're gonna do a quick trip thru their party, and get home to cook the dinner Jo Ann prepared earlier. Pablo's diet is now so specific, it's impossible for us to roll into a party and chow down.

After dinner, I've promised Isabella + Pablo that we'll watch a movie. That means I...must...stay...awake...

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