Thursday, May 7, 2009

Look Who...

...lost his other front tooth!

It came out in his In N Out burger at lunch. That was in LA. We didn't realize the tooth had come out until we arrived in Palm Springs nearly two hours later. While P was eating in the car, he said, 'There's something crunch in my hamburger!' I asked if he'd swallowed it. He said no, that he threw it on the ground. Turns out the crunchy thing that he threw to the floor was his tooth! Insane.

Jo Ann found it, and called the Tooth Fairy right away to get on her cash distribution list for tonight.

See you later. We're hittin the pool. Time to teach P how to swim.


Tiwanna said...

How CUTE!!! That, and the eyebrows making an appearance, absolutely ADORABLE! Have Fun and make sure the Tooth Fairy remembers him. Take Care and as always all the Best to you all!

Anonymous said...

OMG. I lost a tooth on a Kopps burger (76th & Layton location) waaaay back in the day. Jeff, sometime very soon, when the fami is healthy, you must bring them to the MKE & intro them to dinner- plate-sized Kopps burgers, side of O-rings, a frosty Sprecher Root Beer & the joy that is frozen custard.

The light is strong from MKE. Best wishes, support & love. You are not alone in this fight

Adam P. said...

it's probably too late but i had three wisdom teeth pulled yesterday afternoon that i believe qualify for that ToothFairy CDL. Do I need to go through a federal office for this, like the stimulus stuff I'm getting? Or can I just pray on it real hard?

A. Dor. Able.