Thursday, May 28, 2009

On The Loose In San Diego

Pablo and I are takin the train back to LA. With foam sword and wooden pistol in hand, we were ready to rob someone. But the streets of SD are deserted. Forgot how similar their downtown is to Milwaukee.

With no good prospects for robbery, we decided to hit the City National Bank ATM. We pulled out a hundred bucks. Pablo grabbed it from the mouth of the machine. As usual, the dude was robbing me! (Last night he picked three bucks from my right pocket, one bill at a time!) As you can see in this pic, I decided to take the vigilante route and challenged him to give my cash back. We made a deal: he gets to carry my cash - it's 'our cash' now - and he can spend all he wants in the train station gift shop.

OK, time to go check out the ginormous cruise ship in the harbor.

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