Sunday, May 10, 2009

Guns+Love+Rockets On Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you baby mamas out there. We hope you are having a wonderful, relaxing and joyful day. We are.

After dropping Jo Ann's Mother's Day prezzie (a new MacBook Pro laptop), and Marissa's yumalicious breakfast of bacon, eggs and Fred 62 Million Dollar pancakes, we set off on a quick trip through boyhood. The trip started with target practice in the back yard with Jimmy's Daisy pump BB gun. Pablo was beside himself with excitement as Jimmy instructed him on proper rifle-holding stance, aim and trigger style. The targets were a ginormous grapefruit and, of course, an empty beer can.

Next up was the rocket launch. This is the rocket we built last Sunday with Josh and Camille. We decided that it'd be kind of irresponsible to blast off a rocket at our park (too many people) or in our back yard (too many houses). So Josh and Fred and I built the rocket and postponed the launch. The conditions this morning were perfect. No wind, clear sky, and a powerful full moon. In the pic above, Pablo and Jimmy are performing a pre-launch system test.

Jo Ann, Pablo and I are driving back now. We wanted to beat traffic, and get sorted at home base before dusk. Tomorrow morning, we'll get our fill of crosstown LA traffic when we set off for a medical appointment in Santa Monica.


Unknown said...

i'm loving this. happy mothersday everyone =)
what a way to celebrate!

with love,


Anonymous said...

Pablo, you have the most beautiful smile. Happy Mother's day, JoAnne.