Monday, May 4, 2009

On The Way To CHLA

Hey, wait! I thought that headline was retired? I can dream, right?

So, in real-land, we're dropping down our hill and cruising the well-worn path to the pediatric medical temple at Hollywood + Sunset Boulevards.

The gig today involves a blood draw from Pablo at noon, and a physical exam by Dr M at 1 p.m. After the exam, the P+P sound factory will retire to the play room while Mommy + Papa talk with Dr M about the treatment decision Jo Ann and I have made.

I'll fill you in on that decision when we get home.


Charlotte said...

I met you briefly at Dragos a long time ago, so long I can't remember when it was...Pablo was a baby maybe.
Gretchen is one of my dearest friends and met Joanne through her. Joanne's sense of humor is one of my favorites.
Even though I don't know Pablo personally, it is really touching to me how beautiful the Pablog is and how amazingly strong you and Joanne are. I'm sure you both have had so many difficult moments over the last year but you both seem to be so right in how you're handling whatever comes your way.
No matter what--you've got a group of folks praying for you over in Baton Rouge. And this bunch is like the Holy Rosary Mafia--Sopranos don't even come close. They are the Halo Girls and they're on it. Whatever little thing Pablo wants us to pray for, the bumps to take a hike, his hair to come back purple or even another rocket to blask off at the park, just have Joanne email me or put it on the blog and we'll get to praying for it!
All our warmest wishes to you, Joanne, Grady and Pablo.
Charlotte, Lex & Haile (and of course those Halo girls)

alexandra Wintersteller said...

MINE THAT BIRD. That is Pablo all the way! - coming from the back of the pack at the Kentucky Derby this weekend to win by 30 yards.

Mine That Bird had 50 to 1 odds - but he didn't know that. He just believed and hauled ass, won and proved everyone wrong. It was spectacular. ODDS MEAN NOTHING. It's faith.
You go Pablo - you are MINE THAT BIRD.
thinking of you,
Alex Sasha and Peter

Tiwanna said...

Well worn path indeed. Here's to hoping that before long you and Pablo can tell stories about all the times you moved on that well worn path. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way always.

Heather said...

Sending love to you all.Continuing to keep our eyes fixed on that beacon of hope. We do believe,we do have faith and we do know Pablo and he will show us and lead us and teach us as he goes.Kisses to the love.

Emma Guanlao said...

Hi Jeff and JoAnn,
This week-end, Dong and I were talking about Pablo(almost like praying for him at the same time)...I was sharing with him, my pain, tears and ( towards the end ) ECSTASY during the Healing Circle last Thursday at Pasadena. (very exhilarating after all). I have witnessed a miracle itself that day. Out of the ordinary, a group of young people (at least a hundred) gathered and praying to our Almighty God for Pablo and for one another.

"If one or two is gathered in My Name, I AM with you."

Then we remembered the Pablove Foundation Fund Raising Night that Thursday, we were so specially proud of the SSPU singing on the stage, but not the same pride that we have for them in their other shows. We saw four young people singing for a "great cause", making a difference in the lives of so many families who are not so fortunate like them; being touched and inspired by a little boy.

"If you do this to the least of your brothers, you do this unto Me."

Pablo has transformed them to be better people,and more so to the rest of the people present there.

Thus, being aware of the surroundings filled with beautiful gestures of love, compassion, faith and hope reminded me of the message of Henri Nouwen that he wrote in the book of Christopher De Vinck,"The Power of the Powerless" - People like Pablo are God's messengers, they are the divine instruments of God's healing presence, they are the ones who bring truth to a society full of lies, light into the darkness, and life into a death-oriented world." The power of such "powerless" people have- power to call forth love, courage, faith, hope and patience in ordinary people. Pablo with his extraordinary power has transformed us all to be better parents, better brothers and sisters and better friends to one another.

Having said all of these,thinking how in the world the Darkness will ever win in this case, already Pablo and his family have won in the eyes of God.
We marvel to the different positiveness that outweigh the negativeness, the light more radiant than the dark. This is what we have to concentrate more to continue defeating the dark side - the positive outcomes.

So, with all our hearts, we wish Pablo, Brady, Jeff and JoAnn - More power to you or better, May the Force be with you always.

Jeff and JoAnn ,God bless you for all the noble and heroic deeds you have done as parents.

Emma Guanlao said...

OOPS...sorry for misspelling your name Grady.