Thursday, May 7, 2009

Beatles For Baldy

Look at Pablo's eyebrows! Coming back strong! His head has the cutest layer of peach fuzz. It warms our hearts to see and feel hair on his grille + dome.

We are packing, and getting ready to skip town for the simpler rhythms of the hot, hot desert. We are dancing around our bedroom to the sweet sounds of The Beatles 'Love Me Do.' My assistant Acacia just IM'd it to me. After years of buying Beatles records, I don't have any on my iTunes, so I've resorted to the criminal activity of file sharing. Forgive me, John, Paul, Ringo and George. I just wanted to share my fave Fab Four song with my son—RIGHT NOW. We're going to the office to pick up proper Beatles CDs on the way outta town. Acacia and our designer Rory found a box of Beatles CDs outside Amoeba Records one day when our office was in Hollywood. Sounds like something 'fell off a truck.' I won't ask. Somehow this found-CD-borrowing is at least 50% better than digital file sharing. Somehow.

Pablo is running wild today. Wide smiles. Guns blazing. His cheeks look a bit red and slightly puffed. This is a side effect of one of the meds he's on. We are thinking it's no biggie. He is gathering a couple (translation: 20) DVDs to bring to Michael's house in Palm Springs. This is funny cos Michael has like 2,000 DVDs, cataloged and racked like Blockbuster. But, still, Pablo travels with his own visual library. I like his style. Oh,

Here's a funny detail: we're bringing Pablo's mini BMX bike, and no bike for Papa. My back is feeling a LOT better, and I feel like I could start riding today or tomorrow. But Jo Ann doesn't want me to ride out in PS. She has a feeling. For a moment, I thought for about debating that feeling. And then I came to my senses. And besides, I don't want to be away from my family for three of four hours at a time this weekend. That's the one sucky side of riding—it takes me away from my family. So, my goal is to get on the bike Monday morning after PT. This weekend will be better for it.

We're excited that Grady's dad Jimmy, and step mom, Marissa, are coming out to the desert with us. The idea came about organically, and it's a great one. First of all, we have all bucked the old skool notion that the parents in a divorced familia have to be cold to one another. Second, how cool is it for Grady and Pablo to be around the whole crew, and to be together on a weekend that would normally be Grady's weekend away from his little bro? Quite cool indeed. We have felt a very strong sense of support and love from Jimmy over the past year. He has just BEEN THERE. When Jimmy heard about Pablo's recurrence, he called Jo Ann, and then me, and laid down his undying love and support for Pablo and for us. I can tell you that Jimmy loves Pablo as if it were his own blood pumping through P's veins. And he is taking this just as hard as if it were his own son, Grady, undergoing treatment for cancer. Jimmy's support and steadfastness is a special thing to us. For obvious reasons, I think.

When we say that we are in uncharted territory, it's true. But we are mapping it ourselves—some real Apollo 13 type of s***. True, honest + clear emotional communication—the good the bad + the ugly—those moments are our coordinates. Nobody wants to be where we are, most of all us. But we are here. And we'll be damned if we're gonna be asleep on the path.

More from the moon later on....


Emma Guanlao said...

Hi Jo Ann,
Just to wish you a relaxing, wonderful Mother's Day in PS. You are such a perfect mom for Pablo and Grady and a perfect wife to Jeff. I wish you all a pleasant and an enjoyable time over there.

I will be attending the Mother's Day Retreat with my friend on this week-end in the Sierra Madre mountain and you can be assured that we will be praying for a miracle on Pablo and for the whole family who is so worthy deserving of such blessing.
With all our love.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're staying off the bike. Jo Ann was right about that. Have a great weekend and I sincerely hope that NONE of you see the inside of a hospital until you get back. Happy Mothers Day.

LOL Katy

Anonymous said...

Light and Love v. Desert Sessions!!!!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful weekend!
Love the fuzzy peach on my sweet P's dome! Love you guys and sending love and light your way...always!

chad said...

have a wonderful time together!

Anonymous said...

Glad ya'll are relaxing in the desert. Happy Mother's Day.
Hearing that Spinal Tap is on tour, I requested "Stone Henge Soap on a Rope" for my big day.

Stay cool, Jenefer