Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hand-Painted Pablove

Our new friend Sheryl Northrop gave us a wrapped gift a few weeks ago at the Healing Circle. We opened it today and our jaws dropped. Inside, we found this beautiful Pablove plate, hand-made by Sheryl and her daughter Sarah. It's heavy and I can't stop looking at it. Rory Wilson's ridonkulous Pablove Foundation logo looks so cool painted by hand.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted you all to know we are praying here in Wisconsin for Pablo. We think of you often and wish you wonderful fun days ahead with friends and family to support you on this difficult journey.

jennifer and Hollyn

Anonymous said...

Check in every day. All my prayers and positive thoughts always coming your way! Good luck tomorrow!

Heather said...

Beautiful plate,beautiful testament to a beautiful boy.Loving you all and keeping you close in heart and prayers.

Unknown said...

We're glad u love it. <3 Sending GREAT thoughts 2 Pablo.