Friday, May 22, 2009


This afternoon, Dreamworks Animation added a third little bald dude to their trophy case...Pablo!

Thanks to Kelly Demko from Dreamworks Pictures and Justin 'Bumper' Reeve for arranging the tour. Our amazing guides were Brennan Foti and Tracy Lawson. They showed us the entire hugemungous DWA campus, which is across the LA River from Griffith Park. There are 1600 people there - most of whom sit in their offices quietly tapping away at computer keyboards.

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Heather said...

Hello Sweet family.Computerless at CHLA while there.Home now and checked in.Read the latest and am searching for my damn magic wand.Might not turn up but my prayers are ever present.Hope you have been getting my messages Jo Ann,letting you know I am here and not going anywhere but not wanting nor expecting a call back.Just know I love you all.Kisses to P.A couple extra for you and Jeff as well!Prayers are constant.Hope never ending.