Friday, May 29, 2009


Pablo doesn't forget anything. When he sees something he'd like to add to his play arsenal, he keeps us focused until we take him to the proper store for toy procurement. Today, we had a plan to hit the Lego store at Glendale Galleria after P's X-ray. He wanted a specific Indiana Jones Lego set. Within seconds of walking into the store, he found it. And now he's stoked.

We like that!


Anonymous said...

this little guy knows what he wants!! and with a face like that how could he not get it!

love to see those smiles!!

love and light at least 3 minutes a day -- EVERY day!!


Anonymous said...

We're taking time out for Pablo and praying for health. And, as always, a cure.

Love from Germany,

Molly and Laney Böttcher