Wednesday, May 6, 2009

P-Ball @ DBHQ

Jo Ann and I were in a meeting in my office. Pablo was watching a DVD in the conference room, and then made his way around to everyone's offices for mini-hangs. We could hear that much through the wall.

When we emerged from our meeting, Hrishi, Mike + Reed were in standing in outfielders' positions, and Acacia was behind P in the catcher's position. P had a random piece of wood in his hands, ready to bat. HiILARIOUS!

This is how things go everywhere our little boy goes.... And this is how things go at DBHQ.

Love it.

Grady's around the hood somewhere, cruising on his BMX bike. We heard he went to McD's. He's gonna be double-stuffed when he hears we're going to Malo.


Unknown said...

I secretly checked up on your order at Malo from behind closed doors tonight. F%*king found out my mom has cancer today and I am hiding in the office. I went on a walk to get out, made a pass by the office and thought I would check up on Pablo tonight.

Anonymous said...

Soak up that sun and may its healing powers surround you all.