Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Belly Sliiiiiiide!

On his second belly slide of 20, P started giving me a high five as he passed me. This, from a kid who wouldn't go near water by himself three weeks ago! As we were walking back to our room, P outlined our entire morning: 'We'll get up, eat, I'll watch you do a spin class, and then we can go walk out of the gym and I can start going down the slide....'

I like how the kid thinks!


Stephanie said...

Daredevil!! You go Pablo

Anonymous said...

Too dang cute!!!!

Laura Thoel said...

Heard about you on Facebook and my heart and wishes go out to you and Pablo! He is doing it all and he will continue to!

I am a producer, have nothing to do with healthcare, but swear by this Dr Schulze Incurable program (I am sure you have great stuff too just wanted to share in case you want to try it):


Elizabeth said...

I've posted your story on my own blog and feel certain that the numbers of people thinking about you and sending healing thoughts your way are multiplying!