Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rollin Over To Chemoland

While I was making Pablo's breakfast, he commandeered my laptop and took it to the fair. Looks like he jumped on a roller coaster. It also looks like his head is an overripe pear, but I assure you that's a photo distortion. The real dome de Pablo is looking beautiful—and has a precious fine layer of peach fuzz growing on it.

In a moment, we're headed to the day hospital at the CHLA Oncology Clinic. Today is chemo day! Jo Ann has put the numbing cream on P's port, and he's ready to go. When we get the CHLA, first order of business is triage (weight, temp, blood pressure). Then comes the moment of truth: getting P's port accessed. He rarely feels a thing due to the Lidocaine cream. But he always has a lotta fear about the needle. Hell, I always have a lotta fear about the needle! It's a special, multi-port, two way needle, so it's not exactly small. Once the port is placed, we go to our bed in the day hospital. That's where the chemo action goes down.

We're hoping be home by mid-afternoon today. Last week's nine hour marathon was an anomaly due to the blood transfusion that was tacked onto the end of chemo.

OK, more later.


Unknown said...

Have been thinking of you all so much. I love the new picture on Pablog - such a happy, happy boy!

Shay Raviv said...

Thinking of you guys and sending my love.

Stephanie said...

Still praying for all of you , here in RI

Anonymous said...

Love and light. Tons of it your way.

Jules said...

Cute pic! Aren't Macs fabulous?!