Monday, May 25, 2009


Eli, Isaac, Nadya, Bruno, Pablo and Thea

Francine shot this beautiful pic of all the kids at her BBQ—part of Pablo's vast army of friends he's growing up with. This photo is special for all kinds of reasons. Look at the life + light in all their faces. They all look so secure, happy, content. I can't stop looking at it. We're friends with the parents of each one of these kids. We are all watching our kids grow up—together, as individuals, as a group. We are all growing (and growing up) as parents, friends, couples.... There could be a hundred kids in this photo, and I'd still feel the same. All of our kids are amazing.

I know today is about honoring those who have fallen in service of the US of A. Can I go out on a limb to say today is also about honor and consciousness? Will you go with me on that?

Hope you + your familia had a great day today.

Good night. We gotta get up early to head on a special trip I'll tell you about tomorrow....

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HH said...

that photo is so awesome!