Saturday, May 23, 2009

Connect Bike

Alas, a pic of P + I on the bike! This is the famous 'connect bike,' as P calls it.


gsanders said...

Hi, Jeff and Joanne...Grace Sanders here from the good ole Grady days at PWS...I read that you are interested in checking out alternative treatment-methods, so I wanted to let you know about this healer in Sierra Madre (see who has truly helped our friend, a philosophy professor at Pitzer College, who has stage IV metastasized colorectal cancer. Now, his cat scans are remarkable, and the tumors have shrunk 50%! The doctors are amazed...Ron has been doing acupuncture, eating Dr. Bieler's Broth (I can send you the recipe if you don't have it), and doing this touch healing, along with his chemo, etc. He is planning to return to teaching this fall!

We know 12 persons with cancer, 6 who are now in remission, and 3 who are vastly improved. That is extremely take heart. I will continue to pray daily for dear little Pablo, the youngest, of course, of our 12 friends. But, I learned from a religious historian that the Desert Fathers said that before we pray for ourselves and our loved ones, we must pray for our enemies. It is sage advice and remarkable things happen when you do!

With my whole heart open to you,

Jenna Bradley said...

have you tried putting Pablo on a macrobiotic diet? As for medical care, you may want to check out either CHOP (childrens hospital of philadelphia) or Boston Childrens. Both hospitals are cutting edge in pediatric oncology and would be happy to act as a 2nd opinion and review your son's scans.

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend Dr. Laquaglia, a world renowned pediatric oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC. He literally saved my nephew's life two months ago. They flew there for treatment from Indiana.

PS. In case you weren't aware, the organization called Corporate Angels will fly you for free for treatment. Corporations donate empty seats on their corporate jets for cancer patients and their families for FREE.
They are a godsend!
We keep praying for Pablo's healing.