Sunday, February 1, 2009

Baby Luke, Rest In Peace

Baby Luke passed away Saturday afternoon. He was 16 months old, and passed away peacefully, in his mom Laura's arms. He was an amazing dude who taught us many things about grace, peace and love.

We have emailed Laura to ask permission to post a photo of Luke, and duplicate her beautiful blog post describing the final days of her amazing son's life, and his death.

I am so f**king angry right now. I am so sad right now. Can't see the computer screen through my tears. And Pablo is staring at me asking why I'm crying. What do I tell him? Can't type any more..........

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MKPatrick said...

Sweet Baby Luke,
Thank you for gracing us with your presence in our world. So sad that you had to leave us so soon. Love and support to your strong Mom, Dad and sister.