Thursday, February 19, 2009

Red Devil Be Gone

Well, it's done. I just watched the very very very last dose of Doxorubicin make it's way through the clear tubes and into Pablo's port-o-cath. I climbed in bed with him and he asked if he could lay on me - OF COURSE! He was awake for the first five minutes and then fell asleep, which was great because I was praying and crying and praying and crying. Wow, 15 minutes can feel like such a long time.

I was given (or Pablo was given) a first class relic of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos right before his surgeries. I hadn't heard of him, but did the research and learned all about him within a few days. He was working in New Orleans as a missionary when he died and is enshrined there. This relic has been with us for every hospital visit and was actually tied to Pablo's shirt last night and is tonight. A third class relic of Fr. Seelos was given to me by another special friend right before Christmas. I've kept it in our suitcase, so it comes the the hospital with us, too. Last night, Danica, who is Catholic, was our nurse. I gave her the third class relic to hold in her pocket all night while she administered all of P's meds... tonight, Kim, also Catholic, is our nurse and she is holding it close through the night as well.

Thank you, everyone, for all of your love, thoughts and prayers over the course of these last two evenings. This is officially the beginning of the end of Pablo's treatment.

Good Night.

Jo Ann


Anonymous said...

sending you wishes of sweet dreams as you close this part of the story.... Good Riddance "red devil".
Our wishes for well-being are with you. Tonight I will say out loud again my intention for Pablo. In the meantime enjoy that little body keeping you warm all night :)

Anonymous said...

So happy Pablo is finished with this phase of treatment! All the best to your family and hoping his counts recover quickly.

Heather said...

What a milestone.Bittersweet in some very inexplicable,strange ways.We have thought about Pablo so much over the last few days and we have carried him in our hearts and prayers continually.Wishing home is on the horizon very soon.

Anonymous said...

I try to articulate my thoughts and wishes but realize the truth about prayers and love is that there are often no words. I will tell you that the energy is strong and continuous. I'm thrilled red devil is history.

Love to you all.

thepiersolfamily said...

So happy for continued success with chemos and for uneventful administration of that last dose. Feeling your warmth as you hold him close. Smiles and peaceful spirit from me to you and hoping you are home. Xoxoxo laura

Anonymous said...

My heartfelt congratulations go out on passing this hurdle. I know you are running a race that you never intended to enter, but you're in the home strech and finishing strong. As always, my energy and positive vibes are heading your way. Pablo is one tough hombre.

We never drew the dreaded 430B card, but I have a damn good idea of what that must have been like. You've run the gauntlet now.......