Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rx Bandits!

We are a bunch of Rx bandits over here. After calls to half a dozen docs—and many calls, emails and IMs from many of you with recommendations—our amazing+compassionate ENT, Dr Sean Nasseri, called and talked to Jo Ann. An Rx is going to be ready at our friendly neighborhood CVS Pharmacy very soon. I'm gonna pick it up, bring it home, then race (in my car) to the foot of the mountains. If I time this right, I'll be able to meet up with my friends who riding there as I type this.

Oh, and one other important detail about today's early morning events turning out just fine: POLLY—can I get a shout out for POLLY?—took my phone call, which woke her up, and is coming over to hang with Pablo for a few hours SO I can ride, and SO Jo Ann can stay quarantined in our room. I think I got her when I said this wasn't just any normal Saturday morning ride. This is a ride where I'm going to see LANCE ARMSTRONG, LEVI LEIPHEIMER and all the most amazing riders in the world destroy the mountain that me and my friends climbed a couple hours before!!!!!

After all that, I'm coming home to grab Pablo (and Polly if she wants to come) to take him to the stage finish at the Rose Bowl.

This is stuff worth getting stressed about!

Have a great Sat.

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Heather said...

So hope those antibiotics kick in soon Jo Ann.Hate to hear you are down and out.Rest and can I say again ... what a godsend you have in Polly.But,you already know that.Could you clone her for me??Please??