Sunday, February 22, 2009


We're rockin today, taking advantage of a warm and cloudy (ie, not scorching hot) Sunday afternoon before Pablo's white blood count plummets. This pic is at 21 Choices yogurt on Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena. Next stop: my office and a quick stroll down Sunset. I need a new notebook for my desk.

Jo Ann is on her medication, but not feelin any better today. In fact, her throat feels worse. We made her some hot tea, and let her continue resting. When we got home from brunch at Mustard Seed, Jo Ann came upstairs adorned in face mask and green surgical gloves to give Pablo his shot. No way around that. Papa passes out at the sight of a needle. No waaaay I could ever be on the giving end of one of those babies.

Jo Ann is going to go to the doctor Monday. Just what she needs: more doctor appointments in her life. Lots of our friends are sick with flu or other weird winter ailments right now. Our hearts and love go out to all of you and your families, coworkers, employees, et al who are pullin while you're on the mend.

Remember when gettin sick was cool - ie, a trip to the nurse's office and a pass to leave school? Why can't senior year last forever?


Anonymous said...

This sore throat/flu thing hit NorCal about a month ago. Everyone in our family got it. The good news is that after about three days, things get a lot better. Hang in there! --Jenefer

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone it's Mary Katie's daughter. Just wanted to say Hi and my prayers are always with you guys. Pablo I love looking at all your pics out on the blog you look good hope you are feeling good to. Well take care love and blessings to you all.

Heather said...

Not feeling up to snuff over here either.I am fighting it like mad.Tons of vitamin C and an antibiotic for good measure.Not much good for a virus I know.Zoey didn't make the count.Would have been nice if they let us know she needed to be at an ANC of 1000 this round.If I knew that I wouldn't have bothered the trip to CHLA.Platelets 326,000 but ANC a whopping 520.We will try again next Monday and pray she doesn't get this thing I have got.Enjoy your pre plummeting freedom days.