Monday, February 9, 2009


What better way to start a week than an abdominal ultrasound and a blood draw? We couldn't come up with a better way to begin the sixth week of the year, so we're here in the ultrafun ultrasound lab getting a strong look at his kidney (lookin good - and appears to be expanding, precisely as the docs said it would!), the place formerly known as his other kidney (lookin good - no alien kidney has taken up residence in its place), and his bladder.

When we got here, Jo Ann + P ran up to the oncology clinic to do a blood draw. I went to Starbucks next door to get the party started. Blood test, plus the ultrasound, plus a urine test will give Dr M all the metrics he needs for our meeting at 1:30 this afternoon.

Our goal and hope is that P's blood numbers are high enough for admission this afternoon. We're scheduled for a two-night chemo treatment. I general terms (I will explain what this means in a later post), we can see the finish line from where we're standing. It's not right in front of us, but we know where it is.

More later.

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