Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pablo's At The Office

My office computer is where P first feel in love with Apple Photo Booth. He insisted that we take only freaky pics. No regular snapshots.
On Friday, we're moving out of our office on Cosmo Street in Hollywood. We've been here four years, so it's the the only office Pablo remembers. He has hung here with us many times. And on the first day of both years at Walther he hung on our rooftop deck. Anyway, we came here together today. One last time before we move. I wanted him to have one final look at this spot, and to have the memory.

As I write this, Pablo's over in Adam's office looking at points on the world map. I've heard 'North Pole,' 'New Orleans to Los Angeles?' and 'Milwaukee?' And Pablo just farted. In Hollywood. Time to get this kid outta here!

We're bringing a load of my pictures and stuffs to the new office. Polly's gonna pick him up there in a bit. It's a common saying that we do what we do professionally to provide for our families. Having Pablo actually in the office illustrates that saying perfectly.

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