Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Little Help From Our Friends....

We could title each post with those same words. With Jo Ann on bed rest through the end of this week on the orders of her doctor, we've needed a whole different kind of help to bridge the time between when Polly arrives and when I leave the house to go to work, to ride, or, in the case of yesterday, to report for jury duty downtown.

Yesterday our friend Elizabeth Ramsey came over to hang with Pablo during the gap. What's ironic is that Jo Ann used to babysit her when they were growing up together in on the same street in New Orleans.

Early Tuesday evening, Elizabeth emailed a note to Jo Ann describing her experience with Pablo. Her words were so moving to both of us, we decided to post them here:

Glad I could help. I had fun.

Everything was cool. P explained Nightmare Before Xmas to me, and then we played some version of baseball with his stuffed animals (I would throw the Dr. Seuss red animal at him and he would hit it with his hand or the little bat—you probably don’t want to know this) and then we decided to make bases and spectators with the other stuffed animals, so we literally took out every stuffed animal he has in that bin in the living room, and of course he told me something about each animal—like “this one I had since I was a baby”—we had the living room covered with animals. Pablo loves his stuffed animals. That’s when Jeff came home and soon after Polly.

By this afternoon, I was thinking that this little dude, who has been through umpteen million chemo treatments, and one just this past weekend, kicked my butt—I’m exhausted. I’m hoping that is a good sign in this fight against cancer. He’s a fighter and strong little guy. :-)

Glad you are feeling a little better.



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