Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Making the Counts!

Another day at home... not so bad, really, except we're ready to get on with it. We "didn't make counts" today. Pablo's platelets are on the rise, but not enough to get chemo. We will try again tomorrow, but in order to avoid disappointment, I am thinking Thursday. So maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised if somehow all of the blueberries, bananas and omega 3 capsules that I've been feeding P actually gets him up to the target number by tomorrow.

I just want to share what our clinic experiences are like for P and me. We live so close to the hospital, that's it's never been a drag to go there and we sincerely look forward to seeing all of the nurses that we've come to love. Pablo puts thought into what he will wear: a suit with bowtie, his pirate outfit with dagger and top hat, his new astronaut costume... All of the nurses know him and come over to see his wardrobe choice for the day and to say hi. He is typically a shy kid - he has really come out of his shell in this environment and walks the corridor and nurses stations with comfort, confidence and ease. Today he went to triage all on his own and then came running down the hall shouting "18.8... 18.8!" letting us know that he is gaining weight. We usually guess his weight every time before he steps on the scale and earlier this week we were cheering his 18.5 - so you can imagine the excitement today!

Our dear friend, Penelope, was in clinic today, so we got to check in with her. We are usually scheduled for our labs to be done on her days off, so we have missed her over the past month. Another mom, that I met at Luke's memorial was in today with her son, Thomas, receiving chemo. We were able to meet each other's child and exchange numbers and blog addresses. It's so incredibly important to connect with other parents living this similar life during this time. I remember when I had made the transition in my career from commercial production to music video production and I went on this quest to meet all the other music video producers and commissioners - same thing... this is my career at the moment and I need to create my support team. I feel myself being drawn to other mother's and wanting to introduce myself and tell them about our experience in hopes of them sharing theirs. So far so good. Actually, Laura, Luke's mom, had been my conduit to three other mom's from the 4th floor. I am so grateful.

So, one last clinic Pablo-ism. On the 5th floor of the clinic, there are three divisions: Doctor's clinic for regular appointments, Urgent Care for kids with fever or illness, and Day Hospital for kids receiving out patient chemo and transfusions. They have expanded Day Hospital into part of Urgent Care due to the great need for beds and we were sent there yesterday for our labs. Pablo asked, "Are we leaving Day Hospital to go to Morning Hospital?" So funny. We were there again today and he now refers to it as Morning Hospital. We asked him what was Night Hospital and he said, "4West."

Sending so much love out to all of you! 
This boy is happy, strong and hungry!!! 

Jo Ann

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Heather said...

Thought for sure you made the cut.However,knowing you all are in the cozy,comfort of home makes me much happier.Funny how that 5th floor clinic or 4th floor wing brings such a contradiction of anxiety and peace.I thank you for your part in the peace department.What a blessing to have met you when there was no room on 4W.4W's lack of a bed that day was certainly my gain.Hoping for cooperating numbers tomorrow so you can get this show on the road.If you see Tish tomorrow in clinic,give her my love.