Monday, February 2, 2009

Pablo Hijacked My Laptop!

I went out for a massage on Sunday afternoon. When I came home, these pics, with this X-ray effect, were on my desktop. I needed to find joy Sunday afternoon. Had no idea it was going to come in this form. I ran after Pablo and scooped him up in my arms and squeezed him. Looked him in the eyes and told him, 'I love you.' He continues to amaze in the simplest ways....

Another routine blood draw at the oncology clinic today. We are hoping the draw will show an uptick in Pablo's numbers across the spectrum. We spent the weekend in the house, waaaaaay out of harm's way. His body is looking great. Only a couple minor bruises. Jo Ann gives him the white blood booster shot every afternoon, alternating between legs. His thighs look like a Band-Aid catalog. He loves it. Not the shot part, the Band-Aid part. On weekends, Pablo sits in my lap, or lays on me, and I put my arms around him. And try to focus him (and myself) on breathing deeply and steadily as Jo Ann cleans the target spot with an alcohol wipe, and sticks him. I am grateful for everything about Jo Ann. The fact that she is now giving P shots is the marquee for that gratitude. Do not know how she does it.

OK, time to ride the bike.

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Heather said...

Hoping you are all savoring your moments at home.Minus the shot thing of course.Living all of our moments, our reminder coming in the form of sweet baby Luke.We're still here at hotel CHLA,doing our thing.