Friday, February 20, 2009


Y'all are going to get tired of my posts, but Jeff has been non stop crazy busy with work all week and it will not be slowing down in the foreseeable future... that's the good news! The bad news is that he is so tired, he has not had the time or the energy to post... so here goes my fourth in a row.

WE ARE HOME! I forgot to mention that we moved over to 430A early yesterday morning. You are right, Laura, it is such a nice little hideaway. Both of our roommates, who were awesome roomies, were getting stem cell rescue and they needed to move us so they could accommodate the machinery needed for such a procedure. The nurse handling them was on our Blood Drive last month, so it was nice that he got to finally see Pablo.

Our night was fine. Pablo wears diapers at the hospital for a couple of reasons, but sometimes they leak and then we are in chemo pee mode... Everything gets taken off, warm soapy wipes are given to us for a scrub down and all the linens are changed - not an easy thing to pull off with a very sleepy and somewhat cranky little boy. We had such incident in the early morning hours today and it was actually not so bad. Kim, our nurse, unhooked P from his IV fluids and after I cleaned him off, I wrapped him in one of the big comfy bath sheets that they have and held him in my lap on the chair. The PCSAs doubled up and got the bed back in order in no time, but P and I were already fast asleep on the chair! We transferred to the bed and Pablo wanted to keep the same position, literally on me, cuddling like a baby... my baby. So sweet, I loved it. When we finally did wake up he shouted, "Mommy, look!" I jumped and as he was unwrapping himself from the bath sheet, he said, "Look how you put me in bed... NAKED!" We laughed for a while. I explained that it was called sleeping in the buff and someday he might actually like that!

I woke up with a terrible sore throat and am worried about having breathed on P all night. I'm completely under this evening and slept most of the day thanks to Polly. I am going to try to see a doctor tomorrow, and keep P as far away from me as possible. Not an easy task. I wore one of his masks around the house this evening and washed my hands about 50 times.

Our plan for now is to go back to clinic next week for a blood draw and Vincristine. In the past, Pablo is usually in need of red blood around that time and his counts hit rock bottom about 10 days from now. We start our daily shots again tomorrow. The pharmacy dropped them off this evening and I told Pablo what it was, he said, "That's OK, I haven't had those for a couple of weeks now... it's OK." He's right. It is OK.

Thank you everyone for your lovely messages, comments, emails, etc... it means so much to us.

Jo Ann


Heather said...

Welcome home and feel better my friend.Polly is a godsend.We ll should have a Polly.We are scheduled for lumbar puncture and admit on Monday if she makes the ANC grade.So here we come hotel CHLA ... for 4 weeks.Good times.

Heather said...

that would be "we all".kinda tired here in Camarillo.

Anonymous said...

welcome home!
call if you need chicken soup Jo Ann!

Dawn: said...

So glad the end is in sight. Hope you are staying well. Love you and miss you.

Anonymous said...

your posts are great, you are doing a good job, and it is nice to hear the different voices on Pablo's journey. looks like you are in the home stretch!

thepiersolfamily said...

Get better, Jo Ann, and stay well, Pablo--no sore throats for you! Glad everyone is home, glad Polly is there, happy you are one step closer. Take care and miss you. Look forward to seeing you.