Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pablo's HOME!

After six nights and three different rooms in two wings of CHLA, Pablo's home! At around 6:30 p.m., the door opened and Pablo came barreling through. What a sight!

Jo Ann is zonked. Aside from sleeping in CHLA for five nights in the past week, she woke up bright and early and kicked maaaaajor butt at the blood drive at the Walther School. We'll put up a full post and pics tomorrow. The bottom line is: it was a great event, supported by friends from all corners of our world. Over 50 people came to donate (some were turned away due to colds). 38 pints were harvested. That's a HUGE success!

That's all for now. Sleep time.


Anonymous said...

Rock on Pablo!!!!!

Anonymous said...

woohoo! go pablo! my friends and i just got our pablove bracelets

Heather said...

Miss your sunshiny face Pablo.Yours too Jo Ann.Hope you have recouped some sleep.Hard to play catch up.Seems we are on chronic deprivation.Savor your time at home.We'll hold down the fort.