Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Shot

Today was day three of our home-administered Neupogen shot into Pablo's thigh. Yesterday he freaked hard—oscillating wildly, soul screaming - and we were all crying. Today was a win for Pablo and for Jo Ann. I can't imagine how she mustered the courage to learn how to inject P (the 4 West nurses taught her), and to offer to handle this very sensitive task. But she did, and I love her even more for it. I'd gladly handle running down the hall to get P when he wakes in the middle of the night for, like, the next 40 years in exchange for my lovely wife pushing forward back.

Jo Ann and I often use email to communicate during the day. It's easier than the phone. I want to share this amazing email she sent after the shot went off:

To: Jeff Castelaz
From: Jo Ann Thrailkill


wow today went off like a charm!polly and pablo talked about it and pablo decided to take my advice and "watch Scooby" while I gave the shot. he sat quietly on the sofa, watched me clean the area, looked up a scooby and watched the needle go in...no flinch, no crying. about half way through he started to wince a bit and said "ahhhhh" then it was over. he was such a champ. so courageous. he asked for a band-aid, but then opted out of it when he realized that there was not much blood. just a tiny dot.

then - i gave him the waldorf doll that mary dropped off. he LOVES him and we decided that he can hug him tight every time he gets a shot.


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Anonymous said...

Way to go Jo Ann.