Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Pablo

It's late, I'm fried and I have something to say. Hope I can type fast and get to sleep. What I have to say is this: Pablo is having the time of his life this week. Yes, he has been in the hospital all week. And he is loving every minute of it. Jo Ann spends 90% more time there than I do—cos I'm working during the day—and she has noticed a huge shift in Pablo's energy with this stay. I mean, he's never really had a hard time being at CHLA. But this time, he's acting the way kids act in hotels—hog wild, all the time. I told you yesterday that he wanted to go to the play room all by himself. That's NEVER happened before! When I'm at CHLA, he's like, chasing me down the hallway. This morning, P and Jo Ann met me in the front lobby—I was dropping off their coffee and juice—and P was a wild man, jumping all over me, smiling, being very gregarious. I love this. That's what I had to say before shutting my eyes. I love this. We love this.

A happy, adventurous Pablo is a happy Pablo. And that's all we can ask for today.

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