Saturday, January 17, 2009

Knock Knock: It's Skullphone

The surprise I had in store for Pablo (and you) was a home visit from the artist behind Pablo's fave street art, Skullphone. The artist's actual name is not for publication, since his main platform is the side of buildings and other public spaces. We're just happy to know the name of the image in Pablo's hands above. Pablo called it 'ghost phone' before he found out that he had an equally cool actual name.

I didn't sort out this meeting of the (bald) minds alone. Nikki Monninger from Silversun Pickups is friends with Mr Skullphone, and very graciously introduced us yesterday over email. I had no idea how quick 'n easy it'd be. Mr Skullphone offered to ride his bike over to our house and personally drop a hand-screened print (it's inscribed to Pablo), a grip of Skullphone tees and a cool sew-on patch. We got his mailing deets so we can reciprocate with some Dangerbird garb.

My Skullphone and his friend stayed and chatted for 3o minutes. Very cool dudes. After they left, P and I put on our brand new Skullphone tee shirts (his, a men's small tucked in) and headed to Malo for dinner.

We're hittin' the sack as soon as I hit POST. We're glad to be home. As we were winding down this evening, Pablo remarked, 'I had a lot of fun today.' And then yawned. Good thing the yawn came second. The fun won't stop when we fall asleep: I have the alarm set for 2 a.m., the precise time he needs one of his meds.

Tomorrow, I'm getting up early to ride in the mountains with the guys and gals from my crew, Velo Pasadena Cycling Club. Rachel+Clint+Jonah are gonna be here at 7 a.m. (God bless them!), and Hrishi+Lindsay are takin over the babysitting post at 10 a.m. It's quite an operation over here. Jo Ann will be home from her girls'-two-nights-out-in-town-vacation at noon, just in time to give P an injection in his leg. More about that in tomorrow's post (it's all good, nothing to worry about). Jo Ann is having a great time, and has only checked in a couple of times. I'm glad—I really want her to get a break. She forgot her phone charger, which was a blessing. Her phone is dead (insert Skullphone reference here), which means she is on a true break from the usual stuff.

Night night.

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