Friday, January 9, 2009

Lessons From The Little Ones

The first work week of the year is coming to a close. Pablo's been hard at work this week by eating lots of protein, stayin out of harm's way, and resting. This is important work when your stock in trade is the creation of platelets, hemoglobin and white blood cells.

We are hoping that his blood numbers will be in line for chemo on Monday. We have three in-patient chemo runs left. Can't wait to tell Pablo there are only two left, then one, then none. As I am tapping out these sentences, I am weeping. Actually, not figuratively. At some point, the sadness, powerlessness and f*#*ing anger over all this stop processing. And sometimes, writing a sentence about how cool it's going to be to tell your little boy that the chemicals and needles and masks and bald head and staying away from other kids and play and the outside world just...moves...that cement emo block right out of the way. As with so many things in life, it happens when you least expect it.

Our family is feeling good going into this weekend. Jo Ann is on day five of her cleanse. I'm on day five of being back on the serious nutrition plan that helped me lose 50 pounds. Grady is getting killer grades in school. And Pablo, like the little ones in everyone's lives, is laying out the lessons.

Will check in Saturday after my ride.

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