Tuesday, January 13, 2009

CHLAcking In Today

We are checking in today for the four night / five day chemo cruise. The chemo will start flowing late tonight. He is feeling/looking/actin great today. In fact, he's in full acrobat/clown mode and while I was home this morning, ate one things after another. Like, he asked for some corn flakes (hold the milk, please). And then he asked for a fro yo. As soon as that was done, he opened the fridge and scanned for his next course, choosing strawberries. P kind of reminds me of the mouse in the book 'Give A Mouse A Cookie.'

Jo Ann and I discussed this morning an option in the chemo plan. We're going to speak to Dr M about it before getting into it here. The issue is whether to add back one of the chemo rounds that was taken out of our plan. It's our idea that we're going to present to Dr M.

On a general note, it's 79 degrees in LA. I am someone who likes four seasons, so this is, at the very least, an odd occurrence that makes me wonder if we are all headed down the waterfall at the beginning of 'Land Of The Lost.' If we are, I hope Cha-ka still has one of those giant strawberries. Pablo's gonna get hungry with all that white water rafting and communicating via reflective necklaces. Plus, I'd love to hang with a few Sleestacks. Those dudes were cool.

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