Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday Reprise+Monday Surprise

Pablo's blood numbers are looking great today. But a key blood marker (ANC) is still a little low Jo Ann and P are on the way back to CHLA for a special shot that will help boost the ANC. We'll check into CHLA for chemo tomorrow.

On an entirely different note—yesterday's funday playdate—Cassiel's mom, Tracy Blum, sent us some pics from yesterday's nino y nino festivities, along with the note below. We were both moved by Tracy's email, so Jo Ann suggested that I post the whole thing:

ice cream, legos, long chats, coffee, giggles, tears, there are some
people that you meet that instantly feel like family.
that was what yesterday felt like...
We love you guys...good luck this week..

And here's the photo evidence:

In the car with their dolls....

At Pazzo Gelato with the grand prize....

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