Monday, January 19, 2009

MLK Monday

Pablo wants a plain bagel, so we are headed to Sam's Bagels on Larchmont Boulevard. From there, we'll bring Pablo's Skullphone print to the Hanging Gallery in Los Feliz. He's excited to pick out his own frame. Grady comes home today as well—he's been with his dad Jimmy for the past eight days. Pablo has two Skullphone tee shirts for him. We're pretty sure G is gonna freek the funk. He's heavily into street art and will be surprised that the Skullphone dude was in his house when he wasn't home. I had the same feeling in '81 when one of my stepbrothers went to see April Wine and got me a tour shirt. The guy with the lion mask on his head always intrigued me. I would have liked to have seen the band. The shirt without the actual experience felt like a consolation prize. Wow. How did I go from bagels to April Wine? Now you know what my wife has to deal with on a daily basis.

OK, the scene from here is gettin bagelistic. Pablo is still in his jammies, and at the same time screaming about his bagel. He is five and I am 36, so I do believe it's time to be of service to the young one. He needs help with prioritization. Step one: remove PJs. Step two: get dressed. Step three: jump in car. Step four: order+eat bagel. In reality, Jo Ann is helpin him get dressed. Time for me to stop typing. We'll take pics of our adventure.

Penelope, our friend who is a nurse in the CHLA oncology clinic, is coming over at 12:15 to give Pablo his daily shot of Neupogen. He used to get this shot once every three weeks. But that style stopped working, so now we're on a daily dose. Jo Ann was trained to give the shot in Pablo's thigh by the nurses on 4 West. When it came time to do the shot yesterday, she couldn't do it. Pablo started bawling, Jo Ann started bawling. So Penelope gave the shot. I give Jo Ann major props for attempting to do it. I could never never never do that. Ever. Needles. Ugh.

Have a great MLK Day.

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