Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Crescent City Cure

If you have an image of Pablo sulking in his hospital bed, this photo will shatter that misconception. He got the Mardi Gras bow tie with the King Cake from New Orleans that arrived today. Sugar, cinnamon and sparkles - the perfect cure for hump day hospital boredom.


Heather said...

Just the other day,which at Children's has a weird way of feeling like forever ago,I saw this amazing little boy with a joyful, radiant smile and I knew I was in love.In fact,before I even introduced myself to Jo Ann or Pablo,I told the nurses that I had a new boyfriend ... 1000% true.Just from a distance, I saw such light surrounding your son.And let me tell you,as you know,kinda dark up on that4th floor.Anyway,what I am trying to say is .. what another incredible blessing it has been to meet,at least a portion of your family,at this time in our lives,on this leg of our journey.I look forward to staying in touch through at least the beauty of blogging and hope to see one another from time to time.And God willing,someday,outside the confines of those hospital walls.Take care sweet family and I will head down the hall tomorrow to see if you are still there or lucky you, if you've have been sprung.

Anonymous said...

Pablo your bow tie will be perfect with your top hat! A great Mardi Gras ensemble.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Did he get the tiny naked baby, too?