Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Afternoon Delight

This afternoon, Polly took Pablo to a movie screening in the teen lounge on the fifth floor. The feature attraction was the new Disney flick 'Hotel For Dogs.' One of the stars of the film was on hand to hang with the kids and sign posters. 'His name was Bruce in the movie, but Jacob in real life,' Pablo informed us at dinner. 'He got arrested so many times, and the puppies were taken to the pound.' Access Hollywood was along to document Jacob in real life's good deed. Jo Ann didn't want Pablo getting into the camera's view. 'This isn't his 15 minutes,' she said. 'That is going to come much later in his life.' I agree. But if he had gotten on the show, I would've found it funny, in a prank-y kinda way.

We have had our Zankou chicken dinner in the 4 West conference room. Pablo's pre-chemo meds start in an hour or two. The main event starts around 1 a.m. We're hoping for another smooth night.

Pablo is happy, bouncing around, telling us the details of his afternoon matinee. Life is good.


Anonymous said...

Pablo. Crime doesn't pay. I was sent to the pound once. They do not have any ice cream there. Be good and keep away from the hydrants.

Pickles the Puppy

Anonymous said...

Pablo. Noodles was a bad puppy. He made pee pee on a hydrant. We got him out of the pound after about 15 minutes. His bail was only a buck-fifty.

Noodles the Hound

Anonymous said...

Pablo. Pickles and Noodles are not the smartest puppies. Noodles sometimes thinks Pickles is Noodles. They are very confused.


Anonymous said...

Beck and I love Zankou Chicken