Friday, August 7, 2009

Teatro dell'Opera

We are on our way to Terme di Caracalla Roma to see 'Carmen.' The teatro is outdoors, built in the ruins of the Roman Public Baths built between 212 and 216 A.D., during the reign of the Emperor Caracalla. The baths are across from the Colosseum.

Jo Ann and I are overjoyed. Grady is mortified. He is 15. He will appreciate this in 10 years.


Unknown said...

Grady may not own up to it, but I bet, deep in the recesses of his teenage soul, he'll enjoy some aspect of it tonight...the setting...the atmosphere..the fact that he is sitting in an ancient Roman amphitheater watching opera (well, maybe not the opera part, but being in such a cool place - sure beats the Staples Center)!! Sounds awesome - enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

my favorite opera!