Friday, August 7, 2009

Pictures Of Our Thursday In Roma

Yesterday at Vatican City, a butterfly landed on Grady's finger. And wouldn't leave...

The dome at the Pantheon. The Sun's rays show the time of day as they hit special markings at the base of the dome.

Raphael's tomb.

The famous Sant Eustachio church in the piazza that bears its name. The deer with a crucifix going into his skull is the symbol of the church, and the coffee shop across the piazza.

Us, in Piazza di St Peter. The window above the central door is where the Pope speaks to the masses.

The inside of Our Lady Of The Snows, the Basilica of St Mary Maggiore. The little white blips at the top of the picture are white roses, which were dropped from the ceiling to mimic the snow that fell on this site waaaaay back in the day.

Pablove at the Byron memorial in Villa Borghese. Pablo would have loved this carved skull!

We went to Villa Borghese, our favorite art museum of the entire trip. It's in the middle of a heart-shaped park that bears its name.

Grady outside the finest purveyor of caffeine in all the world

This is Grady's pic of his Mommy in front of the Pantheon. Where's the Pantheon? Oh well, we got Jo Anntheon....

Google-eyed Grady and I in front of the Pantheon


Elizabeth said...

We had a butterfly in our backyard yesterday in Los Angeles that just "wouldn't go away." It flirted and flew around my two sons (aged 8 and 11) much to their delight. I have told the boys about Pablo and they were convinced that he was visiting.

the yellow house in the U said...

Oh the butterflies...he is with you everywhere!

Thank you for your wonderful, brave blog. I know a hundred people have said this, but you are all amazing people, lucky to share each other, even if it wasn't for long enough.

Your courage and dignity are inspiring and your generosity in sharing this journey is unbelievable. Enjoy your time away, and I look forward to sharing this adventure via PABLOg.

♥ Karin