Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pablove In Holland + In The Rockies

Lucy King lit a candle for Pablo in the Cathedral in Utrecht

We're not the only ones far away from home, thinking about Pablo and carrying Pablove in our hearts. Every day we get emails and pictures from friends who are in far-flung locales, illustrating a dedication to Pablo, or a connection they've made with a nature that reminded them of Pablo. This theme of Pablove Around The World has happened quite organically, and we love it. As long as we get pics and the stories behind images, I'll keep posting them here. It's fun and it illustrates the web of connection between all of us as we travel the globe for recreation and for professional pursuit.

Here are today's stories:

Our friend Allison King is a gifted acupuncturist. In fact, it's because of her healing powers that we have become friends rather than acquaintances through Dorrie. For the past four months, Allison has come over to our house with handful of needles, and popped them into Jo Ann's skin, to help relieve stress, or remedy a specific issue she may be having. Allison helped me get back in shape after that car hit me back in April. Miraculous stuff. Allison, her husband Dave and their daughter Lucy just returned to LA from a European vacation. Lucy lit a candle for Pablo in the cathedral in Utrecht, Holland.

Another flare of Pablove was sent up in the past week—this one was carried on foot by Jesse Gish in his home state. Jesse is an old old skool Milwaukee friend of Dean and I. In the summer of '88, we had a job picking up trash at the Marcus Amphiteatre on Lake Michigan. Jesse would pick me up at like 6 a.m. in his Chevy Chevette with NWA's 'Niggaz With Attitude' album cranking in his cassette player. One day at our trashy job, we got to see the Sugar Cubes and New Order and Public Image Ltd sound check. That made the crappy job worth doing. All these years later—21 of them—Jesse made a dedication a mile high in the sky in the center of North America. I'll let him explain the details—see his email to Dean and I below:

Hey guys....just wanted to let you know that there was some Pablove going on in CO this weekend. Climbed my first "fourteener" Mt. Gray (14,270 feet). It was the hardest physical challenge I have ever completed. 3,200 vertical feet and 12 miles round trip while being incredibly out of shape. Best part though was that I thought of your family and Pablo as I got above 13,500 feet. I became very disoriented from the altitude with a splitting headache and wasn't sure I could make it. I talked to Pablo and thought about his life and your struggle and he helped me literally put one foot in front of the other. So I included him on the registry at the summit since he helped carry me some of the way. Maybe one day you can join me on that climb so that you will be that much closer to where he is.

Peace and love,


More to come....


Haley said...

A little girl from our community lost her battle with cancer this morning. Her name is Alexa Brown. Our community is riddled with cases of childhood cancer. You can read more about her here:
I would love to email you some other stories of children in my home town fighting this battle. We are trying to join together as a community to get answers as to why this is happening. I would love to spread the Pablove message here.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Pablove at 14,000 feet! Beautiful! Lisa Hickey