Wednesday, August 26, 2009


'Bugs' is a song by Pearl Jam. Probably their least popular song. I never knew why I liked it until the exterminator and his peppermint scented fogger showed up at our front door. Now this song is the soundtrack to our lives. The pulsating accordion is the sound of Jo Ann's horror when she wonders if she'll ever be able to sleep again in our home. (I think she will.) The questions posed in the lyrics are my confusion over what to do—or if we'll ever know—and a little bit of the humor I find in the sheer absurdity of our mad lives.

If you'd like to sing along with our theme song, here are the lyrics

i got bugs
i got bugs in my room
bugs in my bed
bugs in my ears
their eggs in my head
bugs in my pockets
bugs in my shoes
bugs in the way i feel about you
bugs on my window
trying to get in
they don't go nowhere
waiting, waiting...
bugs on my ceiling
crowded the floor
standing, sitting, kneeling...
a few block the door
and now the question's:
do i kill them?
become their friend?
do i eat them?
raw or well done?
do i trick them?
i don't think they're that dumb
do i join them?
looks like that's the one
i got bugs on my skin
tickle my nausea
i let it happen again
they're always takin' over
i see they surround me, i see...
see them deciding my fate
oh, that which was once...was once up to me...
now it's too late
i got bugs in my on one
that's when i had a chance
i'll just stop now
i'll become naked
and with the...i'll become one


Kerry Zeka said...

Hello friends,
Just wanted to jump on and let you guys know that we are still thinking about you all and Pablo is still living in our hearts. I also wanted to share my own little experience of seeing and feeling Pablo around us. On Monday, we took Sicily in to visit her oncolgist at the clinic to talk about her upcoming scans and to have her port flushed, since they are having her keep it in for the next year due to her high chance of relapse. The Children's Hospital at St. Francis here in Tulsa is pretty much a brand spanking new facility and was built and designed purely with kids in mind. It is brightly and colorfully decorated and each of the floors has a theme. The main floor where the pediatric oncology clinic is located has a bug theme (not that you would be interested in seeing bugs anywhere at this moment) ; )...but the clinic is adorned with the most beautiful of winged specimens, the butterfly. I've walked through the doors and studied the many different displays of artwork and decor too many times to count, but on Monday, I felt this warm internal sensation as my eyes fell on the stunning creatures. The correlation between Pablo and the butterflies was made once more and the feeling of being protected somehow by this thought encompassed my mind. I just wanted to share that with you and thank you for still letting us walk beside you on your journey. I still need to get my hands on some buttons and t-shirts!
Kerry Zeka

Nathan Vallette said...

One of my favorite memories is riding in the car with JoAnn, I must have been around 10 or 11, on our way to get boiled seafood, I believe, on Behrman Hwy. All of a sudden, she notices a bug, about the size of the tip of a ball point pen, on the windshield, and proceeds to "FREAK" out, screaming and yelling, rolling down all the windows to try and get it out. I ended up smashing it and saving the day. I will never forget that, the day I found out how afraid JoAnn trulyis of bugs.