Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Surprise Guest At Pablove Game Night

Walking home from dinner last night in Venice, we got this email from my assistant Acacia. This mind-boggling story is sort of becoming the norm for us. Don't want to spoil the surprise, so I'll leave it at that. Above all else, this kind of community organization in the name of The Pablove Foundation makes us feel very loved.

From: Acacia

Subject: Pablove game night

Was a total blast. Had around 30 people show up to play everything from Nintendo Wii, to Cranium, to Guess Who? Those who came either donated money or an unwrapped game to give to CHLA’s playrooms. Trader Joe’s donated kid friendly snacks and juice boxes, and we played in the spirit of love, community, and FUN until midnight.

We're going to try and make it a monthly event.

One of my friends who helped coordinate game night is a cancer survivor (she's 26 and has had breast cancer twice and cervical cancer once). She's still on low dose chemo treatment, but considers herself a survivor. And, the volunteer photographer covering the night happened to be a Wilms' Tumor survivor, and did not know Pablo suffered from Wilms' until I made a speech thanking everyone for coming. Had a kidney removed at age eight. He’s 19 now, and to this day, has never met another person with Wilms'. Made him feel a lot more connected to the night, and he definitely wants to be a part of future Pablove events.

The outreach organization my friends started, “Plays Well With Others,” put everything together, hosted the event, and publicized it. They’ve promoted past Pablove events on their
blog and will continue to support game night!



Anonymous said...

I'm that breast cancer survivor! I fight harder, live fuller and dream bigger every single day for Pablo.

I want my life to honor those who haven't survived. I never met your son, but I love him for reminding me of what it is to love fully, dream wide awake and live STRONG.

Game night will be a monthly event if I have anything to say about it.

Tish Hearne said...

Yes, JoAnn, Grady and you are so loved. We're so happy that you can feel the pablove all the way across the world, under the Italian sky!

Anonymous said...

so who was the surprise guess then

Anonymous said...

i here that the actress jennifer beals is bringing out a digital form photo book with all her photos she took on the l word will pablolove charity get a slice of the donations for your charity i do hope so