Friday, August 14, 2009

Our Day In Pictures

Grady has been wakeboarding exactly three times. He's already an expert—skating from one side of the boat's wake to the other, getting air, cutting through waves like nuthin. Check him out!

After dinner, we went to town on the boat. Our mission: Bailey's Bubble ice cream emporium. New Hampshire, being a neighbor of Ben & Jerry's home state of Vermont, knows a bit about ridiculously delicious ice cream.

Sunset over Lake Winnipesaukee on the way home

OK, this caption's gonna take a while.... From left: Peter, me, Anne, Owen, Grady, Neal, Henry, Jo Ann and Natalia

...and in the front of the boat, Grady, Marissa and Jimmy


Lisa Hickey said...

Way to go, Grady!!!!! : )

Anonymous said...

I am sooo sad because I wish I was with you all!! Miss all of you
Love Gretchen